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Cloud Visibility Strengthens Security Posture for Financial Services Org – Case Study

Replicated, Streamed, and Stored Network Packets drive Network Detection and Response and SIEM

Read about a global Fortune 100 financial services company that benefits from network-centric cloud visibility to protect against cyberattacks. The high-fidelity network visibility provided by the cPacket cCloud™ Visibility Suite is used to drive several Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions, facilitate threat hunting, and provide rich security intelligence to security analysts for forensic analysis.

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Network Detection and Response Strengthens Security Operations

  • How they use Straightforward cost-effective delivery of packets from one source to multiple destinations at scale

  • How they gained Network Visibility from custom strategic vantage points for thorough security monitoring and intelligence

  • Network packet universality and the open API enabled interoperability with their NDR, SIEM, and other security solutions

Strong Cyber Risk Resiliency is Imperative for Financial Services

The organization sought to consolidate its self-managed data centers using public cloud infrastructure, resulting in a globally distributed hybrid data center. The consolidation effort necessitated migrating approximately two thousand applications to run in public cloud infrastructure. Security defenses had to be in place and the public cloud was new and different to their IT team. So they turned to their trusted vendor, cPacket Networks for foundational network visibility.

Download the Case Study
  • “We needed to get network packets from point sources to multiple destinations in our new cloud environment just like in our self-managed physical data centers. We also needed an easily managed and cost-effective solution. Fortunately, our long-term Network Visibility vendor, cPacket Networks, has the ideal solution to extend our visibility into the cloud."

    - Global IT Security Operations Leader

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