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Powering Hybrid-Cloud Observability

Reduce Service Outages
through Network-Centric Application Analysis

Strengthen Cyber Security
through Hi-Res Network Data for Threat Detection

Accelerate Incident Response
through Network Forensic Analysis

We deliver observability for today’s hybrid and multi-cloud network to de-risk your business against downtime and security attacks

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Trusted by Leading Companies

Some of the biggest names in the most demanding industries rely on cPacket to observe their networks.

Enable your “Cloud-Smart” or “Cloud-First” strategy. Use consistent workflows with single-pane-of-glass analytics across on-premises and multi-cloud environments during/post cloud migration.
  • Monitor, mirror, multiply, process and relay VPC traffic to security and performance tools
  • Capture, store and analyze packet data and export flow data for security, compliance or performance
  • Resolve and isolate cloud-provider SLA issues
Isolate "Is it the application or the network" issues quickly. Assure network dependencies for application performance, end-user experience and business continuity.
  • Monitor virtualized east-west traffic for network dependencies and threat detection
  • Filter, dedup, slice, time-stamp and load-balance traffic to app tiers/clusters for efficiency
  • Capture, store and analyze packet/flow data for security, compliance or performance
Have full visibility into the network traffic. Progressively drill down to the packet level to find threats as “Packets never lie”
  • Simplify, consolidate and deliver network traffic to security tools reliably
  • Capture, store and analyze packet/flow data for progressive drill-down and fast forensics
  • Correlate east-west, north-south and cloud traffic with IOCs for incident response
Eliminate the finger pointing and turn the network from a reactive to proactive asset while reducing the “Mean time to innocence”
  • Turn network liabilities into assets through proactive NetOps 2.0 based monitoring
  • Offer network-traffic-as-a-service to application, security and cloud teams
  • Find and resolve issues before users or clients find them

Observability for the New Network

The industry’s most complete network observability stack provides all the components you need to manage your hybrid-cloud network across branch, data center and the multi-cloud

Observability Dashboards

Analytics and Observability

Our single-pane-of-glass analytics solution provides end-to-end observability, service-level indicators, and a consistent experience across on-premises physical, virtual and multi-cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP) network environments.


Observability Nodes

Packet Capture and Storage

Our flexible, powerful, cost-effective suite of physical, virtual, and cloud-native appliances provide the industry’s highest sustained-rate packet capture and storage performance with maximum flexibility.


Packet Brokering and Monitoring

Our industry-leading multi-speed 2-in-1 solution integrates real-time network monitoring with reliable, lossless and feature-rich packet brokering, and packet-to-flow conversion in physical, virtual, and cloud-native forms.


Tapping and Mirroring

Our compact TAP devices enable passive monitoring of your network wire-data at full duplex rates up to 100Gbps. We integrate with AWS and GCP traffic/packet mirroring in the cloud and provide agentless virtual-tapping in Microsoft Azure.


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