Integrated Network Intelligence

cPacket Networks brings an innovative and efficient solution to monitor and optimize your network. Our advanced technology provides proactive real-time alerts and interactive search (L2-L7) to identify and eliminate imminent issues before they occur.

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Dynamic Network Visualization

cPacket Networks provides a practical solution for successfully monitoring complex environments. Our comprehensive technology delivers on-demand troubleshooting and proactive alerts about hotspots and imminent issues as well as dynamic visualization of an application’s behavior across the entire network. In addition, cPacket delivers complete packet inspection at each port in real time.

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Forensic Analysis and Agility

cPacket Networks delivers a unified framework that allows for on-demand packet inspection with continuous real time monitoring. In addition, our unique technology allows users to identify critical threats that occurred in the past and prevent these and other issues from occurring in the future.

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Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone’s Mobile Division, Italy, experienced significant growth, but with the expanding network, had been struggling to identify and troubleshoot problems across their customer network. After months of unsuccessfully dispatching technicians to sites around the country to identify the underlying problem, they turned to cPacket Networks.

Advantages of a Distributed Monitoring Architecture

As network speeds and bandwidth increase, centralized monitoring solutions struggle to overcome bottlenecks, dropped packets, and data loss. These scalability problems are inherent to legacy monitoring architectures that rely on aggregating massive amount of traffic for centralized processing, and perform analysis based on after-the-fact information. cPacket’s unique Distributed Monitoring Architecture delivers improved operational efficiency, and proactive intelligence, which not only reduces troubleshooting time to resolution, but can identify problems before end-users are impacted.

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