Packet Capture


Capture every packet at line-speed with cStor®, with simultaneous capture, retrieval, and analytics for industry leading Mean Time to Resolution and third-party verified 100% capture rate at 100G (no dropped packets).

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Enabling NetOps and SecOps teams to deliver improved business continuity, better operational efficiency and more robust security.

Unmatched Performance

Simultaneous capture, retrieval, and analytics under load drive the fastest response available.

Third-Party Verified

Lossless capture at line-speed up to 100G. No dropped packets enhance confidence in analytics and insights.

Value Driven

Industry leading density resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership per Rack Unit.

cStor provides 288 TB to 2 petabytes of high-speed storage and 10 or 100Gbps connectivity—essential for lossless packet capture at line speed.


Capture and analyze network packet data at line-speeds.

Today’s large enterprises require zero downtime, continuous change, and unceasing vigilance against risks. To deliver on those requirements, enterprises need an observability solution built on reliable and accurate packet data. Those solutions must operate at line speed, anywhere, and at any time.

Fast multi/hybrid-cloud networks increase pressure on IT teams to keep infrastructure reliable and secure. Each packet zooms by in just 6.7 nanoseconds at 100 Gbps—a bare instant for networking tools to analyze, index, and store packets.

That’s where cPacket cStor can help by capturing and analyzing every packet as it crosses the network at line speed. cStor’s rapid capture-to-disk (CTD) enables network operations (NetOps) and security operations (SecOps) teams to monitor network reliability and security in real time while also looking backward to investigate incidents that happened in the past.

cStor® Packet Capture & Analysis Observability Nodes

cStor helps NetOps and SecOps teams deliver business continuity, better operational efficiency, and more robust security.

cPacket’s Product Portfolio for Packet Level Security Oversight

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