Security: Every Packet Counts

Security algorithms and forensics tools depend on accurate and complete packet data.

In the event of a breach, every minute counts

Have peace of mind, knowing you have the industry’s highest-performing packet capture and packet delivery solutions, speeding up your decision-making.

Third-party Verified

No dropped packets at 100G capture to disk, ensuring accurate conclusions from forensics tools. Furthermore, analytics and retrieval are concurrent with capture, supporting the fastest retrieval times available for the specific packets you want.

Reliable Performance

Industry-leading packet delivery, with Smart Processing operating at 100G, including advanced features that inspect every bit of every packet. The only solution with 100% accountability for every packet.

Value Driven

Free up to 30% of security tool capacity by offloading pre-processing to the Packet Broker, delivering the needed, pre-processed packets to the appropriate tools.

cPacket’s Product Portfolio for Packet Level Security Enablement

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