Packet Broker


cVu delivers packets to performance and security tools that keep your network —and business—humming. cVu packet broker is foundational to any robust network observability or security solution.

Fundamental to Network Observability and Security across your Hybrid Cloud environment.

Unmatched Performance

Advanced packet processing at line speed up to 100G, leveraging dedicated hardware based on proprietary ASICs and FPGAs behind every port.

Advanced Features

Process every bit of every packet, including advanced features like de-duplication, truncation, and header stripping. All with 100% accountability, including any and all dropped packets.

Value Driven

Smart Processing optimizes scarce resources, resulting in a best-in-class total cost of ownership by processing and delivering only necessary packets.

cVu offers high-speed network monitoring and 10 or 100Gbps connectivity, essential for efficient packet brokering and real-time traffic analysis at line speed


Deliver packets to performance and security tools that keep your network - and business - humming

Today’s high-speed networks present great opportunities and challenges for businesses facing constant change. High-speed networks permit organizations to succeed in rapidly changing markets. Organizations require zero downtime to move at warp speed. But those same high-speed networks also make it easier for trouble to hit businesses fast and hard in the form of security breaches and network outages.

cPacket cVu network packet brokers are fundamental to robust network monitoring, security, and observability solutions. Network packet brokers distribute packets to tools that keep the business running smoothly, including network monitoring, observability, and security. Network packet brokers are the foundation of a packet data Observability solution to enable business continuity by facilitating reliability and security.

cPacket cVu® Network Packet Broker & Monitoring Observability Nodes

Centralized management data visualization, across on-premise, virtual and cloud networks in a single-pane-of-glass.

cPacket’s Product Portfolio for Packet Level Security Oversight

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