Network Observability:
Industry-leading MTTR

Today’s complex hybrid infrastructure demands complete, anywhere, anytime network observability.

cPacket delivers the industry’s only fully featured solution operating at line-speed.

Modular solution for packet delivery and capture. Line-speed smart processing for delivery serves demanding environments where every packet must be accounted for. Likewise, simultaneous packet capture, query, and retrieval deliver lossless operations at up to 100 Gbps under load.

Faster Response

Purpose-built for zero downtime businesses, empowering Network Operators with industry-leading monitoring performance to resolve network issues before they become business issues.

Anywhere Observability

In-production deployments from on-premises data centers to agentless cloud solutions. Packets remain in their respective environments with centralized monitoring across the entire network.

Value-Driven Solutions

Value-Driven Solutions with financial performance as well as technical, optimized for metrics that matter and enable compelling business cases to be made for expanded observability.

cPacket’s Product Portfolio for Network Observability

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