cCloud™ Visibility Suite for Security and Performance Management – Data Sheet

cCloud Visibility Suite for Security and Performance Management – Data Sheet

The suite provides vital visibility into virtualized and cloud environments that is essential for helping to secure and assure network, infrastructure, and application performance.

More About the cCloud Visibility Series

  • Acquire/Tap, filter, replicate, forward, and store network packets from mirroring and custom vantage points
  • Analyze streamed and stored network packet data for security (e.g., NDR), health, performance management
  • Validated with leading public cloud services - Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure
  • Validated to work with leading hypervisors, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and others
  • Stored packet data is also valuable as security evidence for forensic analysis and regulatory reporting

Essential Visibility for Virtualized and Cloud Environments

The suite of tightly integrated virtual appliances taps/mirrors and brokers network traffic/packet data, converts the streamed packets into flow data, and reliably stores network data enriched with timestamp and event tags. The cClear® or cClear-V® Analytics Engine analyzes the real-time and historical network data and presents the actionable intelligence via customizable dashboards to heighten IT agility, the security posture, and infrastructure performance.

Comprehensive Visibility Suite for Cloud and Virtualized Environments

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