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Maximizing your 10G/40G install base while preparing for a 100G future

We have entered an era of accelerated digitalization of everything and there continues to be exponential growth in demand for intelligent data and better user experiences. This drives operators of large-scale data centers to steadily increase their network transmission speeds. Large-scale data centers in demanding industries are rapidly moving to 100G networks, but many organizations have made heavy investment in 10G and 40G networks. For certain applications, 10G/40G is still considered the network workhorse for the foreseeable future and every attempt should be made to maximize this investment.

Join Iain Kenney, Sr. Director & Head of Product Management, in this informative webinar to learn about:

  • Today’s data center multi-speed environment and observability dependencies
  • The most important conditions when choosing your network migration path and associated observability architecture
  • How cPacket can help extend your organization’s data center portfolio for broader connectivity, versatility, investment protection, and observability