Network Observability-Achieving Zero Downtime – Solution Brief

Achieving Zero Downtime: Network Observability Demands Capturing Every Packet at Line Speed – Solution Brief

Today’s complex hybrid infrastructure demands complete network observability enabled by packet capture and analytics to support zero downtime enterprises.

Explore the innovative capabilities of cPacket’s industry-leading packet capture and brokering technology, which tackles the formidable challenges of capturing and analyzing packets in real-time at line speed of 100Gbps and more, under the heaviest network loads. cPacket’s robust solutions excel in the crucial task ofpacket capture and analytics and seamlessly integrate sophisticated query and retrieval mechanisms withno packet loss. This unique combination of features positions cPacket as the preferred choice for discerningorganizations prioritizing unwavering reliability and pinpoint accuracy in their network observability solutions.

Reliable, cost-effective network observability

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