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Become a solution or channel partner with cPacket to leverage our network-aware application performance and security assurance solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises and service providers



cSphere Solution Eco-System

cPacket cSphere program includes leading vendors in the market for application performance, network security, cloud delivery, infrastructure and virtualization. cSphere solutions offer collective value with discernible advantages through our combined integration, turn-key deployment and lower cost.

If you are a vendor and would like to join cSphere eco-system program, benefits include:

• Integration and testing
• Logo and link on cPacket page
• Partner training
• Joint marketing activities
• Joint sales collateral
• Joint sales teaming and lead-gen
• Access to our channel



cChannel Go-to-Market

cPacket cChannel program offers the opportunity to carry and offer industry’s best network visibility solution to your end customers across variety of industry verticals. cPacket offers clear differentiation over competitive solutions enabling value-based rather than price-based selling.

If you are a reseller, system-integrator, managed service provider or distributor and would like to join cChannel program, benefits include:

  • Differentiated solution
  • High-value customer base references
  • Access to cPacket eco-system
  • Partner training
  • Access to sales collateral
  • Service and support

"Traffic visibility is critical to prevent security breaches and attacks as networks grow in complexity. With cPacket, our customers now have a way to proactively detect network intrusions, analyze, and diagnose application performance issues for both Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine, across all regions and machine types."

Mahesh Narayanan, Product Manager at Google Cloud

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