cPacket cVu® Network Packet Broker & Monitoring Observability Nodes – Data Sheet

cPacket cVu® Network Packet Broker & Monitoring Observability Nodes

Lossless Data Delivery and Network Visibility with Advanced Features.

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  • Flexible deployment configurations that mirror and leverage mirrored packets/traffic data
  • Cost-effective data delivery to multiple tools within virtualized and cloud environments
  • Reliable data delivery for Network Detection and Response (NDR)
  • Seamless operation with all other cPacket Networks physical and virtual visibility solutions

Reliable Network Visibility

Today’s high-speed networks present great opportunities and challenges for businesses facing constant change. High-speed networks permit organizations to succeed in rapidly changing markets. Organizations require zero downtime to move at warp speed. But those same high-speed networks also make it easier for trouble to hit businesses fast and hard in the form of security breaches and network outages.

cPacket cVu network packet brokers are fundamental to robust network monitoring , security and observability solutions. Network packet brokers distribute packets to tools that keep the business running smoothly, including network monitoring, observability and security. Network packet brokers are the foundation of a packet data Observability solution to enable business continuity by facilitating reliability and security.

cVu-V is the industry’s most flexible virtual network packet broker that is validated and available for the top public clouds.

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