Two-Tier Network Monitoring Architecture Technical Brief

Two-Tier Network Monitoring Architecture Technical Brief

Read about how cPacket provides scalable and cost-optimized packet brokering at 100Gbps for high-performance packet brokering, security delivery, and network monitoring services.

Read about the advantages of Two-Tier 100Gbps network monitoring

  • Cost-effective, High Performance, and Low-Latency Monitoring
  • Efficient Tool Utilization
  • Application Dependency Monitoring

Two-Tier Network Monitoring Architecture

Benefits including lossless 100Gbps monitoring architecture providing port density optimization and network packet inspection, 100Gbps packet capture and storage at line-rates, plus cost-effective and performance optimization isolating the core network from the tools.

A Scalable Approach for 100Gbps Deep Packet Inspection and Comprehensive Network Visibility

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