October 2023 Newsletter

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Solution Page: Hybrid-Cloud Observability for High-Frequency Trading

cPacket has been offering hybrid-cloud observability solutions to stock exchanges and brokerages, enabling their IT and security teams to accelerate transaction velocity, achieve trading accuracy and ensure data security. Learn more about why top exchanges and market data providers trust cPacket here.

Webinar: The Role of Packet Capture in the Design of Zero Trust Hybrid-Cloud

Join cPacket as we reveal why packet capture is like looking at an airplane’s black box after a crash landing. It tells us what exactly happened which enables us to protect from a similar problem in the future.

Register here.

Event: AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific (Cybersecurity Defense)

Discover how cPacket maximizes governments’ and enterprises’ resilience against cyber threats and services through hybrid-cloud observability for IT operations. Stop by our booth at TechNet Indo Pacific and talk to our solution experts. Or set up a virtual meeting with us for the same here.

Event: STAC Summit London (FinServ)

Stop by at our table and attend our Innovation Roundup session at STAC Summit, London, grab some swags, and learn how cPacket enables low latency and high capacity observability at wire speed and in the cloud. To set up a time to meet with us or have a virtual meeting, click here.

Event: Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference

Stop by at the booth at Gartner IOCS, Las Vegas, enter to win a daily major prize, and learn how we may enable your cloud-smart or cloud-first strategy. We’ll help you create consistent workflows with single-pane-of-glass observability across your entire on-premises and multi-cloud environment. Not going? You can do the same virtually here.

Launch: New cVu® NGE Series and cStor® S Series Products

We are excited to announce the latest network-centric observability products that extend Packet’s hybrid-cloud portfolio for broader connectivity, versatility, and visibility. The new packet capture, analysis, and brokering products deliver the latest features at a higher 10Gbps density with 40/100Gbps mix-mode connectivity and lower effective cost. Now. best-in-class Packet features are available as standard across the entire product line. Our products prolong infrastructure investments, increase IT operational efficiency, and strengthen cybersecurity for the enterprise, government, and telcos.

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