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NetSecOps: Aligning Networking and Security Teams to Ensure Digital Transformation

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Aligning Networking and Security Teams

Surveyed 366 IT professionals, CIOs, and CISOs by EMA research, get this Report to learn how to increase your IT networking and security teams' collaboration and effectiveness.


  • Break down the silos between Networking and Security teams

  • Drivers, challenges, and benefits of NetSecOps collaboration

  • Network data as driver and enabler of NetSecOps collaboration

Learn from Your IT Counterparts the Hard-Learned Lessons

Collaboration between network and security groups has always been essential. The importance of this partnership has only increased as companies adopt new architectures that open potential security vulnerabilities, such as hybrid, internet-based networks, public cloud, the Internet of Things, and work-from-anywhere connectivity. Unfortunately, these NetSecOps partnerships are not easy. This search summary highlights the results of a detailed online survey of technology professionals.

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  • "Maximizing business continuity and security necessitates the strategy to include proactive “predict-prevent” measures to replace the break-fix approach as much as possible."

    - from "Achieving Network Visibility: 5 Key Requirements"

  • "Network visibility enables you to see what is happening with the network and how it impacts application performance, user experience, and security."

    - from "Achieving Network Visibility: 5 Key Requirements"

  • "The network plays an increasingly strategic role, as it connects users with services. That’s why network visibility – the ability to understand what's happening with the networks – has become so important."

    - from "Achieving Network Visibility: 5 Key Requirements"

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