Government Protects its Hybrid Infrastructure with Visibility-Driven NDR

Government Protects its Distributed Hybrid Infrastructure and Sensitive Data with Visibility-Driven NDR – Case Study

Read about a government IT team that uses high-fidelity network visibility to drive its Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution to strengthen their cybersecurity posture against cyberwarfare. The security analysts and the tools they use are only as good as the visibility that drives them.

The cPacket Intelligent Observability Platform Provides Vital Network Visibility for NDR

  • Lossless packet acquisition at 100Gbps
  • Lossless packet capture-to-disk at 100Gbps
  • Seamless scalability and visibility across physical and virtual infrastructure at many sites
  • Delivers visibility to security analysts in the SOC, and network packet data to their NDR solution

Strong Cyber Risk Resiliency is a Matter of National Security

Learn how the Department of Defense uses high-fidelity network visibility to drive automated threat detection and effective threat hunting to defend against cyberwarfare attacks. Preventing cyberattacks intended to compromise or cripple the military and the entire government is necessary to defend the country and maintain continuity of the government and the public services it provides.

Network Detection and Response Strengthens Security Operations

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