February 2024 Newsletter

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cPacket News: Doubling Down on Zero-Downtime and a Fresh Look!

At cPacket, we’re excited to share some major developments with our community. As part of our commitment to excellence, we’ve taken bold steps to focus and clarify our proposition to the market. Here’s what’s new:

1. Zero-Downtime Enterprises: We’ve redoubled our efforts to serve zero-downtime enterprises. Whether you’re a financial institution, a healthcare provider, or an e-commerce giant, we understand that uninterrupted network performance is crucial. Our solutions are designed to keep your operations running smoothly, even during critical updates or maintenance.

2. Focused on Network Ops and Security Ops Teams: We’ve sharpened our focus on the heroes behind the scenes—the Network Ops and Security Ops teams. These dedicated professionals work tirelessly to keep networks optimized and secure. We’re here to support them with cutting-edge tools and insights.

3. Tailored Value Propositions: We recognize that different teams have distinct needs. For Network Ops, we offer industry leading Mean-time-to-Resolution. For Security Ops, our solutions provide 100% packet accountability and simultaneous capture and retrieval at up to 100G. No one-size-fits-all—just tailored excellence.

4. A Fresh Look: To symbolize our renewed commitment, we’ve even revamped our website and logo! It reflects our dynamic spirit, innovation, and unwavering dedication to our customers. Keep an eye out for the new cPacket logo—it’s a badge of our passion for network excellence.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements, product updates, and success stories. Thank you for being part of the cPacket family!

Collaboration with M-Lab

As an exciting 2024 begins for cPacket Networks, we are thrilled about our upcoming collaboration with M-Lab in supporting research aligned with our shared values of innovation and community impact.

We are proud to partner with M-Lab, and excited at the prospect of learning together, expanding our collective knowledge, and supporting impactful research that drives meaningful progress. Together, we look forward to exploring groundbreaking Internet measurement research to dramatically improve the quality and user experience of the Internet.

Upcoming Webinar – Come Visit Us!

2/28/24, Network Visibility Beyond Traffic Mirroring

Join us for this informative webinar if you are a cloud, network, or security engineer, to learn about:

• Challenges with cloud traffic mirroring and why traffic mirroring alone isn’t enough.

• How to scale visibility and traffic mirroring by adding a virtual data brokering layer on    top for better economy and control.

• How to round out observability by adding a virtual packet capture layer for root-cause-analysis and security forensics

Register HERE

In Office and Past Events

2/5-2/9/24, Cisco Live Amsterdam

It was a busy week at Cisco Live Amsterdam. Visitors came by the cPacket stand to learn more about how Packet Capture and Analytics solves critical issues for hybrid enterprises.

Ben de Luca of Cap Gemini dropped by our booth to delight the cPacket team with homemade coffee and Sopressata salami!

CKO in Milpitas

cPacket employees enjoyed the annual Company Kick-Off  last week and look forward to great momentum in 2024!

Team Erudite First Tech Challenge

Sending a huge congrats to Team Erudite FTC for winning the Motivate Award, Finalist Captain Award, as well as Third Inspire Award in their qualifier tournament! We're proud sponsors of this incredible team and we’ll be cheering them on as they advance to the FTC Regionals later this month!

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