cVu® AG/EAG Network Packet Broker Observability Nodes – Data Sheet

cPacket cVu AG/EAG series network packet broker (NPB) observability nodes are purpose-built for high-performance 100Gbps and below aggregation. This includes cVu 32100AG and cVu 32100EAG series nodes offering 32 ports of wire-speed 100Gbps. Those ports can also operate in 40/25/10Gbps mixed mode to aggregate tools and TAPs at different network speeds providing great flexibility and investment protection. Rich network packet data from the nodes combined with real-time analytics, give IT network and security operations teams vital observability through network visibility and actionable intelligence. The cVu nodes are deployed out-of-band, so they do not interfere with the network forwarding plane.

Cost-Effective Aggregation, Network Packet Brokering, and Microburst Monitoring

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