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cStor® S Series Network Packet Capture & Analysis Observability Nodes – Data Sheet

High-Performance Packet Capture, Storage and Analytics with Integrated Wireshark

The cStor Series is the industry’s leading packet capture node with up to 100Gbps capture-to-disk rate and extensible onboard secure (encrypted) storage. Reliable network data provides historical and transactional data for application performance, latency, and TCP analysis. Having access to PACP files enables security forensics and incident response, compliance, and record-keeping.

Get the cStor S Data Sheet

Get the cStor Series Data Sheet

  • Capture, store, replay, and analyze network traffic including using integrated Wireshark

  • Strengthen network security posture for threat hunting forensics and post-breach incident-response

  • Reduce mean-time-to-resolution for multi-hop distributed service and application issues based on network-centric troubleshooting

  • Assure user experiences for latency-sensitive environments such as trading and banking

  • Store data evidence forever for compliance using self-encrypting drives (SED)

Leverage Multi-Hop and Historical Network Intelligence

cStor provides consistent high-performance, lossless packet capture, and storage at data rates from 10Gbps to 100Gbps. Fast data search, retrieval, and querying enabled by precision tagging are hallmarks of the cStor series. Advanced TCP and financial data analytics plus integrated Wireshark increases IT efficiency and effectiveness.

Get the cStor Data Sheet
  • "We had a security incident and luckily our network team had deployed cStor as an integrated packet capture solution with our security tools; so I was able to fetch the right forensics data to investigate and stop the threat timely."

    - Security Operations Manager at a large insurance provider

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