Network Detection and Response for Cybersecurity – Solution Brief

Network Detection and Response for Cybersecurity – Solution Brief

cPacket Networks' visibility solution integrated with Vectra’s Cognito platform provides Network Detection and Response (NDR) to prevent cyberattacks against on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure.

Download the Solution Brief to Learn How to

  • Have A Strong and Robust Cybersecurity Posture
  • Ensure Business Continuity
  • Effectively Analyze Historical Network Traffic Data for Incident Investigations and Threat Hunting

The Combined Solution from cPacket Networks and Vectra is Essential for a Strong Cybersecurity Posture

Cybersecurity must be robust and strong because data privacy, secure experiences, theft, fraud, operational continuity, and business reputations are at stake. The strength of NDR-based security is only as good as the network data it receives, which is why reliable reception of all network packets in real-time is an absolution necessity. Learn how cPacket Networks and Vectra collaboratively provide real time NDR for cloud, SaaS, data center and enterprise infrastructures.

cPacket Networks and Vectra Team-up to Provide Strong Cybersecurity

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