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AWS Cloud Observability with cPacket cCloudTM Visibility Suite

Watch this demo video on Cloud Observability using AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring and Gateway Load Balancer services

AWS supports VPC Traffic Mirroring forwarding to Gateway Load Balancer Endpoint targets for strengthening cybersecurity, and accelerating Incident Response. In this video, we will focus on mirrored interface traffic, packet capture to storage, and PCAP forensics.

In this Demo, you will Learn About How to Monitor AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring to Reduce Service Outages

  • Learn how to Reduce Service Outages, Strengthen Cybersecurity, and Accelerate Incident Response for AWS Cloud

  • Watch how to capture and store packets in the cloud for real-time historical analysis and forensics

  • Learn about Observability for AWS Cloud using VPC Traffic Mirroring and Gateway Load Balancer Endpoint

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