cClear Visualization Dashboard

Unmatched Visual Awareness of Your Entire Network

cPacket’s cClear is the visualization layer within your Intelligent Monitoring Fabric. It provides high-level views of every critical link, while allowing you instant access to the complete packet-level view of your data. It combines detailed performance monitoring, proactive alerts, and the ability to search across L2-L7 in real time and forensically. This allows you to quickly and proactively identify specific traffic profiles according to any combination of header fields, and patterns in the payload content.

Virtually Centralized

The distributed architecture of the cPacket Intelligent Monitoring Fabric allows you to monitor your network without having to aggregate traffic from a tap or probe to a big centralized box wherever you need to perform your monitoring. Instead, your visualization layer receives the status of every distributed link via meta data, allowing you to easily understand the status of every port. This drastically simplifies your monitoring architecture, and provides improved performance and reduced costs over legacy approaches.

Once a monitoring event happens, you can instantly get to the detailed packet-level view of the problem for easier troubleshooting. This approach can reduce troubleshooting times by more than 80%, allowing you to provide your end-users with a better quality experience, while reducing operational expense (OPEX) significantly.

Correlated Performance Metrics

Our Intelligent Monitoring Fabric allows you to easy make correlations from across your network to improve your network’s performance. Similar to how stock traders use interactive “stock charts” to visualize, compare and analyze pricing, network operators can use our PCV tool to compare metrics from anywhere across the network environment.

Proactive Network Awareness

Become aware of hotspots, bottlenecks, and behavioral anomalies immediately by tracking key indicators in real-time. By setting up automatic triggers, you can know where the next problem will likely come from, allowing you to take steps to mitigate it before your users can generate a trouble ticket. This can even allow you to detect intermittent disturbances and application misbehavior.

Real-time and Forensic Search

With cPacket, you can not only proactively visualize what’s happening in the network, but also search across L2-L7 in both real-time and forensically. You can filter any specific traffic profiles according to any combination of header fields and patterns in the packets’ payload content. It operates under any traffic conditions, deterministically.

cPacket’s Intelligent Monitoring Fabric enables more efficient work flow processes for troubleshooting, optimization, and maintenance. It radically simplifies access to critical information in real-time and on demand. Unlike legacy monitoring solutions where operation teams must spend an inordinate amount of time and resources looking for the relevant data, cPacket delivers instant access to the critical information, enabling more productive utilization of time and resources. Additionally, it supports effective capacity planning and traffic engineering, while shortening the time to resolution of performance bottlenecks and intermittent application behavior.

Network Visualization Simplifies Monitoring

cPacket Network Visualization Simplifies Monitoring

Visualization-layer Maps are a dashboard overlay that transforms conventional static network maps into dynamic traffic views, by adding real-time visual insight metrics. This enables operations teams to easily view, optimize and troubleshoot complex data centers, intermittent cloud applications and bottlenecks in high speed networks.

Visually Simplify your Monitoring

Visualization-layer Maps


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