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View Single-Pane-of-Glass Dashboards Across The Hybrid-IT Environment

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cClear series is a single-pane-of-glass data aggregator, correlator and analytics platform with customizable dashboards for NoC/SoC/ITOps. cClear also enables central management and provisioning for all cPacket products.



All-in-one appliance for network telemetry/metadata collection, storage and analytics feeds into KPI dashboards
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VM-based data collection and analytics aggregated from physical/virtual devices across data centers and branch offices
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cCloud cClear-V

Cloud-hosted single-pane-of-glass data collection and analytics aggregated from physical/virtual/cloud devices
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Traditional network dashboards are difficult to customize and lack full hybrid visibility. cClear can aggregate/correlate data from branch, data center and multi-cloud environments and provide true single-pane-of-glass KPIs with customization. This is one of the reasons why so many Fortune 500 companies have switched to cPacket.

Solution Brief
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“As we moved to the cloud, cClear made our life really easy: as we didn’t need to learn any new screens and simply hooked the cPacket cCloud solution to our existing cClear platform.”


Application Engineer at a major retail chain

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