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cVu® Network Packet Broker & Monitoring Observability Nodes

Ultimate Visibility and Lossless Packet Data Delivery to Tools with Microburst Monitoring

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Consolidate & Deliver Network Packet Data at up to 100Gbps

Deploy cVu packet brokering and monitoring observability nodes for aggregating and consolidating network data from multiple TAP/SPAN points within the data center. Process the data in terms of decapsulation, smart filtering, slicing, deduplication, times-stamping, load-balancing, and delivering the right data to the right performance and security tools without any packet loss. Monitor micro-bursts in real-time. Deploy cVu-V in Azure, AWS, and GCP multi-cloud or a VMware-based SDDC for the same.


cVu Observability Node

Data Center rack-mounted node aggregates, processes, delivers, and monitors the network packet data for up to 100Gbps and below losslessly to performance and security tool rail.
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cVu-V Virtual Observability Node

Hypervisor-based VM/NFV node consolidates, processes, and delivers east-west traffic in software-defined data centers, private-clouds, and branch offices.
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cCloud Virtual Observability Node

Cloud-based agent-less node consolidates, processes, and delivers inter and intra-VPC traffic in the public cloud, and multi-cloud an in-line or VPC traffic/packet-mirroring mode.
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Lossless Packet Data Delivery
for Performance & Security

Acquire and feed real-time packet data on-prem or in the cloud with IT performance and threat-detection (NDR) tools. Observe behaviors such as microbursts with millisecond resolution in latency-sensitive deployments. cVu high-performance packet broker nodes are designed with an FPGA-based distributed architecture that puts programmable hardware acceleration on every port to ensure that all features work simultaneously without dropping packets.
Deploy cVu-V in any cloud with or without vTAP or traffic/packet-mirroring feature. Easily deploy single and multi-tier scalable topologies with an all-in-one cost.

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“I replaced another well-known packet broker with cPacket cVu a few years ago and since then my life has been peaceful. I’m never going back.”


Senior Network Architect at a major multi-site hospital

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