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cStor® Packet Capture & Analysis Observability Nodes

Fastest Network Packet Capture-to-Disk with Wireshark and Encrypted Extensible Storage

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Capture & Analyze Network Packet Data at up to 100Gbps

Deploy cStor S packet capture and analysis observability nodes for stateful application analysis, multi-hop service troubleshooting, network health monitoring, security forensics, incident response, and compliance, to gain insights before, during, and after an event occurs. Packet data is indexed and enriched with timestamps and event tags so you can quickly find, analyze, and report on specific data.


cStor Observability Node

Rack-mounted node captures and analyzes packets to onboard disk at data rates up to 100Gbps. PCAP data is immediately available for query, search, and export via API.
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cStor-V Virtual Observability Node

Hypervisor-based VM/NFV node captures and analyzes east-west traffic in software-defined data centers, hybrid-cloud, and branch offices.
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cCloud Virtual Observability Node

Cloud-based agent-less node captures and analyzes inter and intra-VPC traffic in the public cloud, and multi-cloud.
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Upgrading Packet Capture Appliance for High-Performance Packet Capture and Analysis

Observe service-level indicators for TCP-based stateful applications such as gap detection, sequence errors, one-way latency, and more. Access PCAP files to attach with trouble tickets and for security forensics. Only cStor nodes capture packets at up to 100Gbps. Indexing and metadata ensure that when events occur, you can quickly access the specific data needed to resolve problems quickly. You can also easily recall specific data for regulatory compliance reports. cStor nodes host also Wireshark. Data compression and extensible storage help scale capacity for better ROI and encryption keeps the data secure. The world's largest organizations in all major industries and governments trust cStor, you can too.

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“We had a security incident and luckily our network team had deployed cStor as an integrated packet capture solution with our security tools; so I was able to fetch the right forensics data to investigate and stop the threat timely”.


Security Operations Manager at a large insurance provider

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