cStor® Packet Capture Appliances

Capture, Record, Replay And Analyze Network Traffic For Security And Performance

Why You Need Packet Capture?

cStor is a purpose-built platform with high-resolution, high performance traffic capture and analysis. So, you can have a record of before, during and after DPI for security forensics and performance troubleshooting.



High-performance capture-to-disk with simultaneous fast-query based data search and export
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VM/NFV- based east-west traffic capture-to-disk and analysis for software-defined data centers and branch offices
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cCloud cStor-V

Cloud-native or container-based VPC traffic capture-to-cloud-storage and analysis
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cPacket cStor provides sustained capture-to-disk with on-the-fly data compression and simultaneous fast-querying capabilities, making it unbeatable. This is one of the reasons why so many Fortune 500 customers have switched to cPacket.

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“We had a security incident and luckily our network team had deployed cStor as an integrated packet capture solution with our security tools; so I was able to fetch the right forensics data to investigate and stop the threat timely”.


Security Operations Manager at a large insurance provider

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