cSTOR Forensic Storage Arrays capture and archive network packet traffic at line-rate speeds, allowing you to retreive specific incidents during troubleshooting, and search forensically across L2-L7, making intermittent problems easier to understand and solve.

Forensic Intelligence

cStor Forensic Storage arrays are an important part of cPacket’s Intelligent Monitoring Fabric,  for real-time performance monitoring with the ability to record high speed traffic for forensic analysis of operational issues and security incidents. Additionally, you can obtain unified access to not just real-time information, but also to forensic intelligence through SPIFEE, the visualization layer of our monitoring fabric.


Many industries, such as financial, healthcare and service providers have strict regulatory compliance guidelines for storing specific network traffic. cStor Forensic Storage arrays give network operators an easily way to store traffic, and remain in compliance.

Forensic Investigation

Tracking down intermittent problems across the network can difficult if there are multiple events occurring at once. Instead troubleshooting incidents can become as simple as playing back a recording of what happened when cStor Forensic Storage arrays are integrated within the Intelligent Monitoring Fabric.

Security Analysis

After a security incident has been identified and contained, it’s time for the InfoSec analysts to go to work, trying to better understand the nature of the threat. With cStor, you are able to search across L2-L7 forensically to identify if that threat could have gotten inside your security perimeter.


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