cPacket Network’s Intelligent Monitoring Fabric is a disruptive technology that radically simplifies the way you monitor your network’s performance

cVu Packet Monitoring Appliance

cVu appliances are the core of cPacket’s monitoring fabric. Deployed in a revolutionary distributed architecture, the cVu delivers advanced performance analytics and complete packet inspection at full line rate, and across all ports. This performance breakthrough is made possible using cPacket’s patented Algorithmic Fabric chip.

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cClear Network Visualization Layer

cClear is cPacket’s visualization layer within the monitoring fabric. It provides high-level map views across every critical link, with immediate access to the granular packet-level view of your data on demand. It combines performance monitoring, proactive alerts, and L2-L7 real time and forensic search.

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cStor Forensic Analysis Recorder

Operations Teams struggle to find and identify root causes of intermittent problems, because after the fact it can be almost impossible to replicate those exact conditions. cSTOR Forensic Storage Arrays capture and archive packet traffic, allowing you to retrieve specific incidents while troubleshooting, making intermittent problems easier to understand and solve.

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