December 2023 Newsletter

New! Announcements

AWS re:Invent 2023

cPacket was featured as a best-of-breed network solution during David Brown’s keynote at AWS re:Invent 2023. Thank you to Amazon for trusting us as a prominent partner!

Microsoft Partner Page

cPacket is now listed on Microsoft’s virtual network TAP partner page!
Check out the listing HERE.

Grafana Utility Bundle

cPacket is announcing the release of the new cPacket Utility Bundle for Grafana to enhance network observability based on our suite of industry leading platforms.

cPacket has promoted our use of Grafana for several years and enabled our customers to use pre-defined or customized dashboards to visualize the live and historical status of their hybrid network infrastructure.

With the continued growth of Grafana and the additional opportunities to engage with the team it seemed like the right time to create a publicly available plugin for improved dashboard support and validation.

Observability remains a critical concern for network operations teams across the globe and especially across large enterprises with complex hybrid infrastructure (where cPacket customers tend to be found). These customers truly care about the performance and health of their network infrastructure so being able to visualize that starting now from a validated plugin from cPacket and Grafana it will allow greater confidence and can increase the speed of rolling out new dashboards.

The cClear Observability Node comes preinstalled with the signed plugin. But for users with Enterprise Grafana or when new dashboards from cPacket become available, the plugin with the latest capabilities is available from the Grafana Community Website.

Upcoming Webinars

12/12/23: Maximizing Network Insights: Unleash cPacket’s Power with Cisco Nexus Data Broker

Join us for a lively conversation between Alec Chamberlain from Cisco and Iain Kenney from cPacket as they discuss the value of combining the Cisco Nexus Data Broker and cPacket cStor/cClear to create a unified packet capture solution. Learn how network and security teams are solving real-world problems quickly and efficiently with this unified solution.

Upcoming Events – Come Visit Us!

12/5-12/8/23: Las Vegas: Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference
Stop by booth #630 and learn how cPacket powers hybrid-cloud observability. Register today to get a discount of $375 off your ticket with the code LSC42EDC.
Register now and reserve your spot.

12/12-12/14/23: Portland: DoDIIS Worldwide Conference
Discover how cPacket maximizes governments and enterprises’ resilience against cyber threats and services through hybrid-cloud observability for IT operations. Visit us at Booth 906, Kiosk 3.
Register now and reserve your spot.

In Office and Past Events

On the Road

It’s been a busy Q4 on the conference circuit. The cPacket team took part in multiple Cyber Security Summits across the country in the last few months. Here we have the team in NYC!

Giving Thanks in Milpitas

Our Milpitas office hosted a delicious Worksgiving potluck with dishes from around the world. We’re thankful for our cPacket values to seek and celebrate diversity and to celebrate and laugh together. Who needs turkey when you have all this?!