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Re-thinking Network-centric Observability for Cloud Security

Service downtime is more expensive than ever, and ensuring consistent access to mission-critical applications and good end-user experience is essential for customer loyalty and employee productivity. Protecting your revenue-generating services and data from security threats and attacks that may stall the business is not a choice. A lot of newer types of attacks emerge from within the network. Businesses must implement a strategy to ensure network-centric security and observability for threat detection and mitigation.

Join Andy Idsinga, Sr. Strategic Cloud Architect at cPacket, in this informative talk to learn how to de-risk your IT infrastructure and operations.

Learn more about:

  • Your options to provision a network-centric security and observability practice –i.e., network detection and response (NDR) solution across all three major clouds (Azure, AWS, GCP)
  • What to expect in your deployment journey and gaining real-time network visibility for vs forensic data for incident response
  • The key questions and considerations for you and your IT teams in terms of technology and objectives