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Enabling Low Latency and High Capacity
for High-Frequency Trading

Hybrid-Cloud Observability for Market Data, Exchanges, and Trading

Accelerate Transaction Velocity
through Ultra-low Latency Network

Achieve Trading Accuracy
through Precise Network Planning

Ensure Data Integrity
through Reliable Network Delivery

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You Have Challenges



How can I observe and ensure the lowest possible latency in real time for my exchange network and trading applications?



How can I precisely detect microbursts and bottlenecks hidden in my network for accurate and proactive network capacity planning?



How can I ensure extreme accuracy in competitive trading and detect gaps in real-time market data feeds?

Today’s trading exchanges are the most intense environments imagined when it comes to computing and connectivity. It’s a race to zero latency. The network must be at its best, and there must not be any visible or invisible bottlenecks or slowdowns.

We Have Solutions

Observe and monitor tick-to-trade one-way latency and packet loss at any point in your network with nanosecond timestamping and accuracy.

Monitor microbursts with millisecond accuracy using the cPacket cBurst feature and avoid the bottlenecks otherwise invisible with 3rd party tools.

Benchmark and deliver market data accurately by spotting and fixing issues using the cPacket market data gap detection (cMDF) feature.

Top Exchanges and Market Data Providers Trust cPacket


We have been using cPacket products and technology across our data centers globally for a decade now, and we keep deploying it more every year. It has become an observability partner in running our critical, high-performance network infrastructure.


Director, Network Engineering Performance & Capacity
at a major HFT Exchange

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