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Enabling Digital Care for
Hospitals and Health Networks

Hybrid-Cloud Observability and Security for Healthcare

Increase Transaction Velocity
through Assuring Network Performance

Ensure BioDevices Availability
through Improved Network Reliability & Uptime

Ensure Data Security
through Network Detection & Response

Medical Records

High-Res Imagery



Billing & Payments

Data Privacy

HIPAA Compliance

Data Interoperability

You Have Challenges



How can I ensure performance and bandwidth availability on a high-speed 100G network by supporting hundreds of PACS file transfers every day?



How can I have complete observability across a high-density network of IoT medical devices and ensure their connectivity and uptime?



How can I feed network data for threat detection tools and capture and save it for incident response and compliance?

Healthcare institutes and hospitals are crucial to people's and society's well-being. Today's highly-digital patient care relies on IoT medical devices; timely access to electronic medical records and fast data transfer is a must-have. At the same time, securing confidential patient data is critical. It requires high-performance, high-reliability network-centric observability.

We Have Solutions

Observe key Service-Level Indicators (SLI) for network dependencies and health monitoring through single-pane-of-glass dashboards. Set baselines and get timely alerts to avoid service downtime.

Proactively observe and troubleshoot IoT device connectivity for responsiveness, latency, or connection timeouts. Cut down mean-time-to-resolution.

Protect patient data, electronic medical records, and billing from fraud, malware, and other attacks through network detection and response while saving the network data as evidence and forensics in case of a breach.

Top Hospital System on the East-Coast Trusts cPacket


Handling large file transfers from high-resolution imaging from radiology and assuring critical care through hundreds of medical IoT devices in intensive care are the types of demanding requirements that push the network limits. cPacket solution has enabled us to observe and deliver on those expectations across our large-scale, high-performance 100Gbps network.


Sr. Network Architect at a Major Hospital Chain

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