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Hybrid-Cloud Observability for Cybersecurity and IT Operations for Government

You Have Challenges



How can I support Federal Executive Order 14028 and expanding the use of Zero Trust to improve the nation’s cybersecurity?



How can I meet the Federal “Cloud-Smart” strategy to modernize IT driven by the Office of Management and Budget?



How can I empower IT team to assure operational continuity, exceptional end-user experiences, and realize the benefits of operational technology?

Network-centric observability of your infrastructure empowers the IT team to protect personal identities and digital assets from ransom, theft, and misuse.
It also helps to assure continuity, enhance user experiences, realize the benefits of operational technology, and rapidly respond to incidents.

We Have Solutions

Observe network traffic for Zero Trust and streaming/storing network packet data necessary for the SOC, security analysts, and security tools (such as NDR/XDR and SEIM); to detect attacks and breaches and provide evidence for threat hunting.

Deploy single-pane-of-glass observability across the hybrid-cloud that reliably aggregates, captures, and delivers network packet data to IT Operations and the tools they use, for maximizing responsiveness of IT resources and services.

Investigate unplanned outages through observability driven from rich network data so IT team can respond with agility and accuracy to maximize availability and responsiveness.

Compliance and Certifications

cPacket Networks offers products that are engineered, manufactured, and certified for procurement and use by governments as listed in the table below. For the most current approvals, accreditations, and compliance information refer to our product quick reference guide.

US Government Services Administration (GSA)    Products from cPacket and authorized resellers are approved for purchase by the US GSA
Trade Agreements Act (TAA)    Products are compliant with the TAA
Cybersecurity    Products are designed, validated, and formally certified to meet FIPS 140 Level 2 cryptography
   Deploy products in Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) environments
   Meets EO 14028, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and related security requirements
   Supports observability to facilitate Zero Trust
       NASA SEWP V

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Also see our Distribution and Sales Partners who are authorized to sell to US federal, state, and local governments.


We chose cPacket because cybersecurity is paramount. We verified that their hybrid-cloud observability nodes never drop packets when feeding our NDR tools. We also get captured-and-stored packets for threat hunting and forensic. We get all of that from a single vendor whose solution is agentless and out-of-band, and therefore does not disrupt our core network or introduce new vulnerabilities into our IT infrastructure.


Government Organization Cyber Risk Manager

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