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Enabling Digital Transformation
for Banking and Insurance

Hybrid-Cloud Observability and Security for Financial Services

Increase Service Agility
through Network-Centric Application Analysis

Accelerate Transaction Velocity
through Network Performance and Up-Time

Enhance User Experience
through Faster Network and Response Time

Mobile Banking

ATM Services

Electronic Transfer

Electronic Deposits

Instant Payment

Credit Card Transaction

Fraud Detection

Claim Filing

You Have Challenges



How can I ensure service agility by rolling new digital services and applications faster while keeping the existing ones up and running?



How can I test and troubleshoot customer experiences in a mobile-first world, such as connection issues, latency, and response?



How can I feed network data for threat detection tools and capture and save it for incident response and compliance?

Banks and insurance companies operate in a highly competitive environment and rolling out new digital services is an ongoing race. In a mobile-first world users are sensitive to experiences. The services must be tested and observed before and post commissioning into production. And financial data and transactions, as a high-value target for attackers and criminals, must be protected.

We Have Solutions

Observe key Service-Level Indicators (SLI) for network dependencies and health monitoring through single-pane-of-glass dashboards. Set baselines and get timely alerts to stay on top of your game.

Proactively observe and troubleshoot network vs. application and user experience issues such as application responsiveness, latency, or connection timeouts. Improve mean-time-to-resolution.

Protect your customer data and financial transactions from fraud, malware, and other attacks through network detection and response while saving the network data as evidence and forensics in case of a breach.

4 Out of World’s Top 10 Banks Trust cPacket


Digital and AI transformation are on top of our CIO agenda. We have been using cPacket technology in our data centers for over 12 years to reliably extract and feed the network data for observability and security. And we are now continuing the same in the public cloud.


Director Network Operations at a Major Global Bank

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