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Enabling Network Traffic Brokering NetOps with the Most Reliable Packet Broker+ Available

You Have Challenges.



We have too many tools and our traffic is all over the place. How do I consolidate and deliver the right traffic to the right tools in the right format?



Our current packet broker is dropping packets. I need a reliable/scalable monitoring platform that can manage traffic and scale to support my organization.



We are moving to a software-defined and cloud-centric architecture. How can I get the same capabilities in a software-only packet broker for our virtual tools?

Gain total control of your network traffic and offer “traffic-as-a-service” to internal clients. Simplify and cost-optimize your monitoring architecture -- without compromising performance or scalability.

View Infographic: cPacket vs. Generic Packet Broker

We Have Solutions.

Eliminate traffic blind-spots while consolidating, simplifying, and optimizing your network monitoring solution.

Assure reliable delivery of north-south network traffic, from 1 to 100Gbps, with zero packet loss and all features included on day one.

Monitor and process east-west and cloud-native traffic with the industry’s most feature-rich virtual packet broker.

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Before deploying cPacket, we were challenged with packet drops and traffic blind-spot issues in our environment. We made the right choice and eliminated those performance issues while benefiting from the advanced features that only cPacket offers.


NetOps at a major financial trading exchange

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