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Enabling Network-Aware SecOps with the Fastest Capture, Compliance and Forensics Analysis

You Have Challenges.



Security tools are great at threat detection and mitigation, but how can I get the associated network traffic intelligence?



How can I run deep forensics, at the packet data level, to stop and respond to network attacks?



How can I capture and analyze network traffic based on IOCs within my cloud environment?

Gain full Network Detection & Response for cyber security, incident response, and regulatory compliance, as “Packets never lie”. Capture, analyze, and retain packet/flow data associated with IOCs across your hybrid environment in a simple, consistent, and cost-effective way.

Watch the Webinar: Network-as-a-Service for Security Delivery & Incident Response

We Have Solutions.

Complement and extend your security tools capabilities by progressively drilling down to the packet data level. Generate flow data for tool consumption.

Get actionable intelligence for incident response through fast forensics, while meeting your compliance requirements.

Gain first-time ever access to packet data within the cloud, capture, and retain it to cloud storage for forensics and compliance.

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We are challenged with an increasing number and types of threats. Having access to network traffic intelligence has become key. cPacket’s deep network visibility and traffic analysis capabilities provide the required level of visibility to strengthen our security posture.


SecOps at a global ride-share company

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