Next-generation performance monitoring means higher performance for your market trading network environments


Line-Rate Performance

  • Up To 32 x 40Gbps Per Node
  • Intelligence Closer to the Wire
  • Complete Packet Inspection Across L2-L7


Up To 32x More Capacity

  • ASIC Hardware-Enabled
  • Monitor 1.28Tbps in Real Time
  • Reduces Your Monitoring CAPEX & OPEX


Identify Microbursts

  • 1000x Higher Resolution
  • Find Hidden Network Killers
  • Eliminate False Positives & False Negatives

Market Feed Gap Detection

cPacket provides a robust solution to detect packet gaps and sequence errors in real-time. With link speeds of up to 40Gbps line rate, and per- appliance throughput density of between 160Gbps and 1280Gbps.

cBurst High-Resolution Predictive Stream Analysis

cBurst delivers real-time monitoring of up to one thousand data streams per port, and with up to 1ms resolution, providing the customer with both high-density and high resolution monitoring, and at line rate speeds of up to 40Gbps.

Nanosecond Time-Stamping

cPacket offers the most accurate time-stamping in the industry, which helps avoid the stochastic contamination that can occur in queuing and traffic buffering. In financial environments, this is critical for ensuring accurate trades.

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cPacket offers differentiated solutions for Market Trading Environments, including cBurst, Market Feed Gap Detection, High-Resolution Analytics and Nanosecond Time Stamping. Download solution brief to learn more.


On-Demand Webinar

Trading environments face new challenges, including more data, 40G & 100G speeds, and new compliance laws. Hosted by Jim Duffy of 451 Research, with Kerry Takenaka and Jim Berkman of cPacket; this webinar will look at ways to solve these challenges and leverage the performance advantages that only cPacket Networks delivers.

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