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Observability for High-Speed Networks

Visibility from Observability is Your Most Important Asset for High-Performance Workloads

High-Speed Networks Pose Many Visibility Challenges



The need for speed, especially for "east-west" intra data center traffic, has driven our core network to 100Gbps.



Our workloads are demanding more throughput and are more sensitive to latencies. Security is paramount too.



Some segments and tools operate at 10Gbps and 40Gbps, so we need to bridge from 100Gbps to slower data rates.

Learn all about High-Speed Networks and How To Build a Visibility Architecture for them

View a List of Resources Pertaining to Visibility into Networks Operating up to 100Gbps

The cPacket Intelligent Observability Platform Is The Solution

Our packet brokers acquire and deliver packets and observe metrics in real-time. Historical packet data is also available to you and your tools using our packet capture appliances. Our packet broker and packet capture appliances operate at up to 100Gbps.

Lossless packet acquisition at 100Gbps, timestamps with nanosecond precision, and high-resolution counters give clear unbiased visibility to you and data your tools to assure needed performance and maximum security.

Smart filtering, data rate conversion, load balancing, and removal of duplicate packets give you flexible control over how to deliver the right data to each of your specific tools so they are not overrun.

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Network visibility is an absolute necessity. No matter how much visibility we put in place, we can always benefit by having more.


Network Engineer - Fortune 500 Company

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