Webinar: Seamless Visibility for Service Assurance

Digital transformation relies on creating a distributed IT environment that is optimized for business agility. The features and capabilities IT can deliver to the business quickly and reliably is far more critical than where the application, service components, or services reside. The net result is improved operational IT efficiency, selecting an operating environment that best suits the applications requirements, allowing developers to use the tools and services they know best, integrating applications with minimal disruption, ensuring business continuity, and maintaining good user-experience.

Service assurance can’t be an afterthought. Ensuring applications are delivered as promised and are maintained at high service levels means monitoring that is architecturally aligned with the application environment so that it is continuous and reliable.

In this high-touch webinar, Mike Fratto, Senior Analyst at 451 Research and Nadeem Zahid, VP of Product Management at cPacket Networks, will share their perspectives on:

– How distributed services and applications is giving rise to digital transformation
– The challenges of scale-in and scale-out of those services/micro-services
– The benefits of a unified application-aware traffic view for distributed services for proper service assurance

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