[Webinar] How to Add Deeper Context to your Network Security Performance Data

Security engineers and network performance engineers often require the same information to do their jobs, but start with a different hypothesis or objective. In both roles, access to relevant information around incidents is key to understanding and a resolution. Security engineers can leverage existing monitoring infrastructure to provide additional context around issues. By utilizing a monitoring stack comprised of a firewall, network TAPs, smart packet brokers and packet capture tools, engineers can readily obtain this additional context, leading to enhanced security posture. Join Garland Technology, a Fuel Founding Partner and cPacket Networks to discover how to add deeper context to your Network Security Performance Data. In this security solutions based webinar, we will review: ● Network connectivity best practices ● Avoiding network downtime during Palo Alto Networks NGFW deployment ● Convergence between network performance and security teams (NOC/SOC convergence) ● Timescales and security: the value of context ● Delivering valuable security context through performance data and packets: combining firewalls, TAPs, smart packet brokers and packet capture tools Speakers: cPacket Networks: Kerry Takenaka, VP Product Management and Joshua Joiner, Director Solutions Engineering Garland Technology: Greg Zemlin, Product Manager

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