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Real-Time Network Performance Monitoring Helps Assure Service Continuity for Vodafone – Case Study

Service Provider Relies on Monitoring to Aide their Ability to Assure Always-Available Service

Vodafone needed an integrated solution that provided real-time insight into the data flowing across their mobile network in order to improve reliability, reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) of network disruptions, and accurately predict traffic analysis.

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High-Performance Traffic Analytics Helps Vodafone Mobile Division Assure Service as Subscriber Growth Expands

  • Vodafone engineers were able to search the GTP payload data for a specific user’s mobile IP address

  • The team discovered that unexpected DSCP tags were hitting the gateways and causing degraded performance

  • Network operators were able to identify the root cause of problems in real-time

Monitoring Fabric Delivers Actionable Network Intelligence that Helps Assure Service Continuity

Robust monitoring using cPacket Networks monitoring fabric delivers actionable network intelligence that the network operations team uses to understand and manage the added traffic so they can quickly identify problems that could result in service disruption.

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  • "Without cPacket, we would have never had the real-time visibility we needed. cPacket'scClear solution helped us discover the specific configuration issues that were plaguing our network's performance."

    - Network Engineer at Vodafone

  • "Networks have dramatically changed over the last few years and more and more data is being passed through them, but often at the cost of accurate and real-time visibility."

    - Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks

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