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Using De-duplication Counters to Identify Architecture Flaws and Faulty Network Equipment- Use Case

Detect and Eliminate to Reduce the Amount of Network Traffic

De-duplication is the ability to detect and eliminate duplicates of a packet to reduce the amount of network traffic sent to downstream tools. This allows for a more efficient method of managing the network, so tools can operate at their peak performance. This use case will explain how to use de-duplication for troubleshooting and network monitoring.

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De-Duplication Can Help You...

  • Identify problems early and provide proactive maintenance to reduce total costs

  • Reduce troubleshooting time and costs with more network visibility

  • Efficiently manage the network while

Visibility is Key to Efficient Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Having a complete visible monitoring architecture allows NetOps to quickly access any part of the network for efficient troubleshooting. Among the many packet broker features available, de-duplication is one feature that can be leveraged for troubleshooting.

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  • "Downtime is costing North American organizations $700 billion per year."

    - IHS

  • "NetOps/SecOps engineers require advanced monitoring tools to help them proactively identify issues that may cause downtime."

    - IHS

  • “The main cost of downtime is lost productivity and revenue. Fixing the problem is a minor cost factor, which means a small investment in increasing the reliability of ICT systems will provide an outsized return by reducing productivity and revenue losses.”

    - IHS

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