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The Challenges of 100Gbps Monitoring – Video

The Convergence of Security and Network Operations Teams and the Tools to Support Them

The Intelligent Observability Platform

  • Inspect traffic as it comes through

  • Only send relevant traffic to storage devices for additional analysis

  • Provide KPIs at a high resolution about the traffic

The Need for Teams, Speeds, and Tools

Having NetOps and SecOps teams, speeding up the network, and adding new tools alone don't completely solve network issues. You need a combination of the three to get the full visibility you need.

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  • “Networks have dramatically changed over the last few years and more and more data is being passed through them, but often at the cost of accurate and real-time visibility.”

    - Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks

  • “I replaced another well-known packet broker with cPacket cVu a few years ago and since then my life has been peaceful. I’m never going back.”

    - Senior Network Architect at a major multi-site hospital

Watch the Video
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