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Predictive Analytics Using Baselines – Use Case

Capacity Planning is Essential for Many Organizations

Read this use case to find out how a large service provider relied on predictive analytics for accurate, millisecond resolution monitoring for capacity planning.

Capacity Planning is Essential if You Need to...

  • Reduce network downtime

  • Reduce cost by maximizing available resources

  • Accurately anticipate network demand to procure the right equipment and resources with the lowest TCO

The Need for Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can forecast future trends with an acceptable level of reliability, provide answers to what-if scenarios, and enable risk assessments. cPacket products can proactively predict network bandwidth usage on a per-segment basis.

Download the Use Case
  • "With cClear-V, network operators can deploy the functionality they need and at network locations where it’s needed. No other management console combines the complete visualization and management of all packet brokers, packet capture devices and traffic sensors on a network.”

    - Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks

  • "As we moved to the cloud, cClear made our life really easy: as we didn’t need to learn any new screens and simply hooked the cPacket cCloud solution to our existing cClear platform."

    - Application Engineer at a major retail chain

Download the Use Case
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