Security Delivery and Incident Response Solution Brief

Security Delivery and Incident Response Solution Brief

Palo Alto Networks and cPacket Networks Integrated Solution for Fast Forensics and NPM Data

Cyber attacks and data breaches continue to increase in frequency and sophistication. The network is a prime target for the attackers because of the vulnerabilities of the traffic in motion.

The first challenge is the lack of visibility into network traffic for proper remediation and threat analysis. Security tools such as next generation firewalls can provide detailed information concerning the events or the devices whose traffic is directly handled or accessed by them. Traces normally need to be activated on-demand and must be used with caution so as not to affect the firewall performance.

The second challenge is that one of the most critical components, when under attack, is having access to detailed network data for before, during, and after an incident to run forensics analysis. Without proper forensics, the sources of the attack cannot be determined and hence intercepting it and responding to it becomes extremely difficult, ineffective, and delayed.

Read this solution brief to understand how you can tackle those challenges and protect your business.

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