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cPacket is the only cost-effective solution that provides a scalable visibility architecture for security and performance monitoring in large high-speed networks across healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, and other enterprise verticals.

Recently - a top U.S. healthcare provider that specializes in critical care medicine, neurosurgery, and organ transplantation saw its network grow in size and complexity, resulting in a huge increase in the volume of incoming patient data.

The healthcare provider quickly realized that their need for real-time access to this high volume of data would require a more advanced network monitoring solution. They would also need advanced analytical tools for real-time insights and visibility into their network traffic across hundreds of high-speed 100G links.

After evaluating and testing multiple vendor products, the healthcare provider recognized cPacket as the only solution to offer the visibility and monitoring tools needed to meet their specific requirements.

cPacket deployed a two-tier solution for the organization using its cVu series smart packet brokers that combined powerful 100 gigabit per second front-end aggregators with advanced packet brokers to perform smart filtering and dynamic packet slicing. The cVu solution included cPacket cClear - a visualization dashboard for performance analytics and simplified network management. This enabled a vast reduction in traffic going to the security tools while still reporting on the network traffic.

cPacket solution saved the healthcare provider the cost of purchasing additional, expensive network monitoring equipment and extended the life of their existing security tools by making them more efficient. This enabled them to extend their visibility fabric footprint while reducing the data center space consumption by 50%. In addition, cPacket solution enabled the healthcare provider to have a more robust and secure method for transferring, storing, and accessing patients’ intimate data.

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