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Reducing Customer Churn by Investing in Network Visibility – Webinar

Great End User Experiences Drive Customer Loyalty, Lifetime Value, and a Competitive Advantage; Conversely Poor Experiences Drive Churn

Assuring great customer and end user experience is a necessity that requires investing in reliable and trustworthy network visibility - especially when the role of the network is turning strategic for digital transformation.

This Webinar Looks Beyond Simple ROI Metrics and Dives Into...

  • The relationship between digital experiences and customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and customer lifetime value

  • The role of network visibility infrastructure as a strategic asset

  • How to measure success: ROI, customer satisfaction, and churnROI, customer satisfaction, and churn

The Business Case for Network Visibility - a CXO Panel Discussion

This panel with Mike Fratto, Sr. Analyst with 451 Research (now part of S&P Global), and Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks, looks beyond simple ROI metrics to look at both hard and soft costs of having full network visibility. This includes poor experiences caused by inadequate performance of the network and applications that can go unseen without a consistent and reliable visibility practice.

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  • "76% of consumers are likely to cancel or switch to a different brand/provider as a result if an online app/service performs poorly."

    - Mike Fratto, Sr. Analyst with 451 Research

  • "Better experience retains existing customers. Better experience wins new customers."

    - Mike Fratto, Sr. Analyst with 451 Research

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