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Profiling Microburst Analysis with cBurst – Tech Brief

Why cPacket Networks Implements Microburst Profiling at the Port Level

As business applications and user-experiences become more demanding, network infrastructure continues to grow in performance and speed, so does the dependency of the business on the network for their success. A network monitoring infrastructure for delivering accurate, real-time data is important for any organization looking to maximize ROI.

Technology Benefits of cBurst Include...

  • Reduced MTTR with complete network visibility

  • Accurately identifing burst flows

  • Proactively detecting service degradation

The Most Precise Microburst Analysis and High-Resolution Counters in the Industry

cBurst is a specialized feature that takes the network traffic at wire-speed and provides the most accurate microburst characterization – with traffic utilization of user specified profiles that include IP endpoints, VLAN tags, QoS bits and other L2-L4 parameters. cBurst leverages hardware signaling to gain access and visibility to specific flows which are available for trending and provides visualization through cPacket cClear® dashboards.

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  • “We tested a number of solutions from other vendors but none of them offered us complete network visibility without compromising on performance until we evaluated cPacket.”

    - Network Security Engineer at a Fortune 500 company

  • “cPacket Networks is a trusted advisor who delivers on their commitments.”

    - Network Operations leader

Download the Tech Brief
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