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Next-Gen Brokering and Monitoring Architecture – Tech Brief

Network Packet Brokers Should Not Be Designed Like Network Switches

Today’s mission critical networks and ever-increasing security threats to them require deep, fast, and high-performance network visibility and real-time monitoring. The network data plane has moved to 100Gbps, yet the monitoring architecture is lagging behind.

The Business Benefits of Next-Gen Brokering and Monitoring Include...

  • No packet drops

  • Real-time monitoring

  • All-in-one solution

Today’s Packet Brokering Demands a Very Different Architecture

Older designs suffer during peak network performance, dropped packets, and cause serious blind spots for the security and performance monitoring tools - putting your business at risk. You can invest all you want in tools but if your packet broker drops packets, the tools are no good.

Download the Tech Brief Here
  • "Maintaining a healthy network state is crucial for proper application performance and good end-user experience. cPacket has enabled us to assure business continuity and reduce our mean-time-to-resolution through proactive monitoring."

    - NetOps at a well-known entertainment company

  • "We are challenged with an increasing number and types of threats. Having access to network traffic intelligence has become key. cPacket’s deep network visibility and traffic analysis capabilities provide the required level of visibility to strengthen our security posture."

    - SecOps at a global ride-share company

  • "Before deploying cPacket, we were challenged with packet drops and traffic blind-spot issues in our environment. We made the right choice and eliminated those performance issues while benefiting from the advanced features that only cPacket offers."

    - NetOps at a major financial trading exchange

Download the Tech Brief Here
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