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Network Visibility for High-Frequency Trading and Market Data – Case Study

Network Visibility is Vital for Assuring High-Frequency Trading and Real-Time Market Data

Security and performance are paramount, necessitating high-fidelity Network Performance Monitoring that provides streamed and stored network packets to the entire IT team and the analytics and tools they use. Performance also depends on having adequate network capacity that can be analyzed using network microburst detection with detailed profiling.

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The cPacket Intelligent Observability Platform Provides Network Visibility for Assuring Security and Performance

  • High-Fidelity Monitoring: lossless network packet acquisition and high-resolution KPIs

  • Microburst detection with millisecond accuracy gives insight into capacity utilization

  • Streamed and stored data for analyzing real-time and stored packet data

  • Physical networks at data rates up to 100Gbps

High-Fidelity Network Performance Monitoring with Microburst Detection

Learn a global provider of high-frequency trading and real-time market data uses high-fidelity network visibility to plan capacity upgrades, provide consistent performance, maximize resilience against cyberthreats, and keep records for regulatory compliance. Specific performance requirements include assuring timely UDP-transaction completion and that market data feeds do not have gaps.

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