Monitor Business-Ready Hybrid Environment thru cClear Single-Pane-of-Glass Analytics

With the evolving role of IT under the pressure of digital transformation, there’s less time for learning multiple tools and user interfaces. IT is challenged with observing too many screens, consuming too much data, and monitoring too many alerts. It’s not just accessing data that matters but making sense of it to make the right decisions in a timely manner. When it comes to network visibility for service assurance, cPacket makes IT’s job easier by correlating, visualizing and presenting data in a simple, easy to consume way - while saving valuable time. The cClear is the single-pane-of-glass analytics and visualization layer for cPacket solutions across on-premises, virtual and cloud environments. cClear provides a high-level of visibility for every critical link while allowing progressive drilldown to a complete packet-level view of all data. With ‘business-ready services’ views, cClear combines detailed performance monitoring, security forensics, and proactive alerts, with rapid real-time data search – allowing issues to be identified quickly. One-click access to network analytics and data, an open platform for easy customization and extraction to other tools, deep packet inspection on every packet on every port, searches for specific hosts, threats, or network compliance deviations and microburst analysis makes cClear a favorite of IT teams! cClear enables you to have customizable dashboards that visualize network behavior across multiple views for correlation and drilldown. It also allows you to perform baselining, detection and prediction of anomalous events based on the most accurate and rich meta data. cClear fully integrates with the cPacket cVu series advanced packet brokers and cStor series packet capture devices on-premises and in the cloud. If you’re looking for increased simplicity and operational efficiency - look no further than cPacket's cClear series!
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