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Visibility for Public Cloud Infrastructure Reduces Troubleshooting Time and Frustration – Case Study

Faster Troubleshooting and Faster Problem Resolution Using Cloud Network Performance Monitoring

Read how the Network Operations team became heroes by using the cCloud ® Visibility Suite to create a self-service visibility portal that drove down problem resolution times from days to hours.

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Visibility is Indispensable for Assuring the Performance of Workloads Running in the Cloud

  • MTTR during cloud migration and in production declined from days to just minutes or hours

  • The AppOps team is empowered resolve connectivity problems on their own and more often

  • The IT team leverages a visibility as a service portal to assure experiences and accelerate service agility

  • Native mirroring service benefits are extended and while also minimizing the costs

  • SecOps has access to stored network packet data as forensic evidence for analysis and incident response

Cloud Visibility is Indispensable

Despite being a best practice, provisioning visibility is often overlooked when using Infrastructure as a Service in the cloud. Proactively maintaining performance and efficiently solving problems requires dependable visibility. In this case study, you will learn how the entire IT team efficiently resolves problems using easy access to network packets and the ability to replay network traffic from before through after an event to quickly understand what happened.

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  • "We quickly progressed from being frustrated by the lack of visibility to being fascinated by the ways we can use the cPacket cCloud Visibility Suite to provide visibility to ourselves and to our colleagues throughout our IT organization."

    - Network Operations team leader

  • "The visibility portal that the Network Operations team created using the cPacket cCloud Suite is a tremendous time-saver and frustration-reducer."

    - Applications Operations manager

Download the Case Study
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