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Simplify Network Management, Automation, and Security using RESTful APIs – Use Case

Simplify Network Management and Automation

This use case based application note steps you through using RESTful APIs to integrate network monitoring fabric and tools to heighten automation and network management efficiency.

Download this Use Case to Learn How to ...

  • Effectively use the RESTful APIs in cPacket Networks products

  • Improve efficiency by heightening automaton and interoperability

  • Obtain unified visibility in a single-pane-of-glass

RESTful APIs for Integration and Automation

NetOps and SecOps are always looking to improve efficiency with automation and interoperable tools that are easy to use. APIs make all of these efficiency-improving gains possible. Efficiency and ease-of-use also means having network visibility and management of the visibility solution components all unified within a single-pane-of-glass.

Download the Use Case
  • "As IT complexity increases, so does the need to combine information from multiple monitoring tools to create higher level actionable insights."

  • "cPacket’s rich set of REST APIs provides the user with the simplicity, reliability, and flexibility to integrate with their preferred tools."

  • "NetOps and SecOps are always looking to improve efficiency with easy to use tools that will provide them with accurate information and valuable KPIs."

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