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Improving Cyber Risk Resilience – White Paper

Strengthen Your Security Posture

A Detailed Look into the Cyberthreat Landscape that Features How Visibility-Driven Network Detection and Response (NDR) Lessen Cyber Risks

This White Paper Covers The Following Topics

  • The reasons why cybercrime, especially ransomware, is on the rise

  • How NDR uses Network Packet Data to reveal Indicators of Compromise

  • How Security Intelligence from NDR helps neutralize threats and prevent future events

  • What an effective NDR implementation looks like, and how to implement one

Learn How to Strengthen Your Security Posture with NDR

This comprehensive white paper covers the cyberthreat landscape and the elements of layered defenses. It focuses on one of those elements, NDR, and the necessity of high-fidelity network visibility because Security Analysts and the tools they use are only as good as the network packet data they receive. The paper concludes with guidance on selecting and implementing visibility-driven NDR.

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  • “Only cPacket Networks offers a full-stack solution that meets our requirements for driving our NDR solution without using agents and losslessly acquiring and capturing network packets from across a distributed hybrid infrastructure that includes physical networks that operate at 100Gbps."

    - Government Organization Cyber Risk Manager

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